In 2006, Christian was on a honeymoon with his wife when the idea first came to him to create an airline business/management game. With several years of programming experience under his belt, the mission began. The last major release of the game saw 4500 downloads, and our latest version has seen 900 downloads in 24 hours! The list of features is long, and still growing by the day.

The Airline Project is an airline management simulation game where you are the CEO of an airline. You are responsible for setting up the fleet, creating routes, and maintaining a profitable airline in a competitive sandbox style of gameplay. We strive for realism in the game, using things such as real airport traffic statistics, accurate historical inflation values, and models designed based on real world data to achieve this.

As of the latest version of the game (0.3.8):

  • Over 200 airlines (over 150 new in the past year!)
  • 200 aircraft historical, modern, and future (100 new in the past year!)
  • 2000 airports all over the world, from LAX and Heathrow to single-runway GA airports (over 1300 new in the past year!)
  • Passenger and cargo flight operations
  • Scenarios of varying difficulty levels
  • Complex realistic passenger demand algorithms
  • Customizable difficulty levels
  • Play against as many AI airlines as you want
  • Completely redesigned GUI

We always have a perspective list of new features that are in varying stages of development. If you have a suggestion for a feature that doesn't yet exist, please do us a favor and suggest it in the forum! Although some tweaking may be necessary, we value every bit of input we can get from the end users!

Public releases are a regularly scheduled occurrence here. This means we need a reliable staff of testers and contributors to make sure the final version is the best it can be! If you are interested in working with the project as a tester, contributor, developer, or working with the website, please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !

License Stuffs

The game is licensed under the GPL v2 ( . Feel free to use the project or any portion thereof, just make sure the source code is a available and throw us some love if you feel we deserve it! Source code can be found at and on SourceForge (we are currently moving away from this).