• New GUI
    New GUI

    The aircraft information screen when purchasing a used airline (with the new 2013 GUI)

  • New GUI
    New GUI

    The route creation screen with the new 2013 GUI

  • The Original Airline
    The Original Airline

    The very first version of Airline, circa 2009

The Airline Project

0.4.1 Released!

The Airline Project version 0.4.1 is now available to download. This includes numerous bugfixes and optimizations, the changelog is available here. You can download the x86 version here and the x64 version here.

The Airline Project is an open-source airline management simulation game. You can create your own airline, or manage an existing one. We have over 600 airlines, 200 different current and historic aircraft, and over 3000 airports worldwide!

We set a record with just shy of 8,000 downloads for version 0.3.8, we would love to continue the upward trend and see version 0.3.9 go even higher, so spread the word!

Unstable / Release Candidates

0.4.1 RC 2 X86 

0.4.1 RC 2 x64

Download TAP 0.4.1 RC x64

Download TAP 0.4.1 RC x86


Manage a new or existing airline

Play scenarios

Purchase, lease, and sell aircraft

Create and manage routes

Create, manage, and release subsidiary airlines

Purchase other airlines

Report a Bug - Registration Required

We now use GitHub for issue tracking and bug management. It offers the best set of functionality for bug reporting and tracking, development branch management, and tracking development involvement. We would like to thank everyone for helping us to successfully adopt GitHub after several years of code managed with SourceForge.